Cutting-edge AI to transform your business at its core

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Our purpose

We are the artificial intelligence R&D team our clients
wish they could build for themselves.

  • Leading innovation at the forefront of applied AI science

  • Building bridges between academic research and the industry

  • Transforming businesses with advanced AI

Our mission

We help companies future-proof their core business performance and growth potential by bringing them the advanced AI science, expertise, and resources they need.

The biggest pain for artificial intelligence in the coming next years is the need of business executives [...] to access AI in an easy-to-use way that still gives them customized solutions from tier-1 technologies, and the world’s best AI talent.

“State of AI” report
November 2018

We help you future-proof your business with AI

  • Financial services & markets
  • Retail & investment banking
  • Insurance & risk management
  • Energy transport & brokerage
  • Manufacturing & process industries
  • People & freight transportation
  • Logistics & supply chain
  • Energy production
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Our scientific expertise

  • Learning from scarce, "dirty" data to achieve high-impact business outcomes

  • Automating decision-making based on available real-world data

  • Using the power of artificial vision to control and improve business processes

AI R&D, and more

We aren’t just AI scientists; we also are strategists and practitioners of applied AI. Our services include providing you with a virtual R&D lab, assisting your data science team with core AI research, guiding you in the definition of your data and AI strategy, and integrating bespoke AI projects or vertical AI solutions into your production environment.

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The AI talent conundrum

Global demand for AI experts is high, but skilled resources are scarce, and the competition for talent is fierce. Things won’t improve soon, as it takes five years to train a skilled AI research engineer, and up to twelve years to train an AI PhD.

In this context, where can businesses find the local AI talent they need? Is there an alternative to hiring their own team, or to relying on hastily trained external resources?

Online, the number of people claiming to have the educational and skills profiles to qualify as an AI expert rose by 66 per cent from 2017, to 36,524.

Element AI "Global AI Talent Report", 2019

Founding team

We are a unique team of serial entrepreneurs, creators, and transformation agents with decades of experience developing and implementing AI for businesses across multiple continents. Having held executive positions in global multi-national companies and founded several succesful AI startups, we possess exceptional hands-on expertise in merging technology and business, and generating high-value outcomes for our clients.

Together with the brilliant scientific and engineering minds in the team, we will bring you truly transformative AI, fast.

Kristen Davis
Kristen Davis Operations & ecosystem
Benoît (Ben) Bergeret
Benoît (Ben) Bergeret CEO
Sebastien (Seb) Toth
Sebastien (Seb) Toth Research
Raphael (Raph) Bellec
Raphael (Raph) Bellec Technology

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